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Localitylist.com.au is a source of local businesses and Community organisations to meet your needs.

We encourage you to purchase from your local business district and take part in local activities when you can.

Our Current Locality Lists include:

New South Wales - NSW

Queensland -QLD

South Australia - SA with regions

South Australia - SA regions

Victoria - VIC

Western Australia - WA

For all other areas please use our Home and Garden Directory

It is our Australia-wide Locality List and as such includes ACT, Northern Territory and Tasmania.

Please note: This is a self help directory.

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To add yourself or your client to the Locality List you need to select the directory where your business is located by  clicking on the appropriate on one of the links above. If you have more than one branch or in another area, then you can add yourself to another list.

Once in the correct directory please press the ADD button and add the requested information. Note you may choose as many categories as best suits your business. There are no costs involved. If your entry exceeds 500 characters then you may apply to be upgraded to the next level again at no cost.

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Buying Locally benefits you and your Community

Be sure to explore the opportunities each business directory delivers and benefit from the ease of access to local businesses in order to accommodate your everyday and not so everyday activities.

Our locality lists are the online business and community directory for local region business, it includes all local and a Australian State locality listings. Local region businesses are searchable by product, category and locality. Standard business listing in the local business directory is free for businesses local to each region in Northern Territory, New South Wales, Queensland South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia.